Buddy Joe Eilers established Eilers Steel Erection, Inc. in 1977. The crew consisted of himself as well as a few others who would jobs in and around San Antonio. For 10 years this would be a secondary income for Buddy.

In 1987, this secondary job would become his full time job. He hired a crew of 8 men, and they would travel to work jobs across the state of Texas. They put up anything from schools, shopping malls, warehouses, retail buildings and anything that had some structural steel for framing. All through the 1990s, the company, along with the support and help of his wife, Barbara, would put 6 children through college without the need for student loans.

When John Eilers, one of the sons, graduated college, he started working for Eilers Steel. He started out as just another helper on one of the 2 crews that the company had grown into. He learned the business from the ground up. Looking for ways to improve the company, John eventually introduced new and faster techniques of erecting steel.
From the year 1999 to 2003, the company grew from 10 employees to over 60. With 4 crews, Eilers was now running jobs from Dallas all the way to McAllen, Texas.

Present day Eilers Steel has 60+ employees divided into 8 crews. Another member of the Eilers family, Jed, has joined the company. Jed and John share the Vice President duties. Buddy is still the President and estimator; Jed manages the mechanic shop, office and their employees, and John manages the jobs and their employees.